Indianapolis Rental Home Qualifications

Indianapolis Rental Homes Qualifications

  • Age: All adults 18 and over are required to complete an application and be listed on the lease for Indianapolis rental homes.
  • Application fee: A $40 application will be required per applicant.
  • Financial Responsibility: Monthly gross income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent 
  • Credit History: Credit history will be verified via a credit check.  Minimum credit to be at least 550 
  • Rental History: Past rental history must be verifiable by current landlord.  Prefer 1 year of good rental history.  No past evictions allowed. 
  • Employment: Employment and income resources must be verifiable for Indianapolis rental homes.
  • Background: No felony convictions 
  • Utilities: Tenants are the responsible for all utilities and must be put in the tenant’s name as of the date of move-in. 
  • Pets:Some properties will allow certain pets with approval.  Please ask if the property you are interested in allows pets.
  • Vehicles: All vehicles on the property must have valid plates and be operable. 
  • Security Deposit: Amount of the security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent.  If application is approved, the security deposit must be received within 5 business days in order to hold the property.

Documents required to be submitted by each applicant.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

  • Last 2 paystubs
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Valid driver’s license or picture id
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